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Summer Makeup Essentials

Here in Ireland we didn't have the best weather to start the Summer, honestly at one point I wondered if we would even get any sun. But, finally the weather has been picking up over the last few weeks and although some days are still pretty hit or miss, it's generally been good.

With the warm weather comes the topic of makeup, because who wants to have layers of foundation in the blistering heat, right? Once the warm weather hits I take full advantage and leave my skin breathe by wearing less and less makeup.

Cetaphil Skin Care Review

My skin is something that has always bothered me, true I don't have the worst skin in the world but I've always been conscious about it. Over the years I've tried and tested many skin care products and have had some great, and some disastrous results. Now, I think I may have found a winner in Cetaphil skin care and I can't wait to share it with you.

Why you should follow your own blogging path, instead of someone else's

Blogging is great, it really and truly is. You meet amazing people, have such a fab supportive community across social media, get to share your opinions with the world and have your own little corner of the internet. But, what happens when you start comparing your little corner of the internet to someone else's?