5 Insta Accounts I'd Recommend Following | Lifestyle

Over the last few years Instagram has become one of the biggest social platforms in the world. People share photos of their pets, food, selfies & of their friends to however many followers they may have.

Instagram though, has become huge for social influencers. Bloggers, Youtubers, reality stars, etc. They have amassed tons of fans and have people hanging on every word they say.

As a new blogger, I've found quite a few blogs that I thoroughly enjoy, and take to Instagram to keep up with what they're up to. And today, I thought I'd share 5 of my absolute favs.

Sleek Surprise Box Review | Beauty

Last week I wrote a post on the Millie Macintosh Sculpt & Define Brush Set highlighting my thoughts on the products, and this week we're sticking with the same theme and going to chat about the Sleek Surprise Box. Sleek Makeup has over 20 years in the beauty industry and is a highly affordable drugstore brand, most commonly sold in Boots here in Ireland. I myself love Sleek, with some of my fav products being Sleek Face Form palette and the Sleek Highlighter palette in Solstice (would highly recommend this!)

One thing I've never tried from them is any products for the eyes, so naturally, I was super excited to get my hands on the Sleek Surprise Box. Now, I'm not sure if this was a gift brought out for Christmas specifically, but all I know is I can't find it anywhere. I did, however, manage to find something very similar on Target for €12.98 which you can shop here.

New Years Resolutions 2018 | Lifestyle

Considering I've been gone from blogging for so long, I decided to kick off 2018 with my New Years Resolutions.

The last few months have been a bit of a mess- my laptop broke just before Blogmas & I lost every post for the month of December, then after my laptop had been fixed, I left it at my boyfriends and wasn't able to get it for another two weeks.

After that, my enthusiasm had died a little so I just decided to start fresh after the new year, and here I am.

So without further ado, here are my New Years Resolutions for 2018!