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Last week I wrote a post on the Millie Macintosh Sculpt & Define Brush Set highlighting my thoughts on the products, and this week we're sticking with the same theme and going to chat about the Sleek Surprise Box. Sleek Makeup has over 20 years in the beauty industry and is a highly affordable drugstore brand, most commonly sold in Boots here in Ireland. I myself love Sleek, with some of my fav products being Sleek Face Form palette and the Sleek Highlighter palette in Solstice (would highly recommend this!)

One thing I've never tried from them is any products for the eyes, so naturally, I was super excited to get my hands on the Sleek Surprise Box. Now, I'm not sure if this was a gift brought out for Christmas specifically, but all I know is I can't find it anywhere. I did, however, manage to find something very similar on Target for €12.98 which you can shop here.

Now, getting on to the actual product. The packaging this set comes in has to be some of the nicest packaging I've ever seen, I mean just look at that box (picture above!) It's such a pretty gold and back design & you can bet it's gonna be a prop for future blog photos. It has a very smooth feel to it and honestly it's super pretty & right up my street. The set comes with four different products; an eyeshadow palette, mascara & two eyeliners.

iDivine palette in Storm

LI've heard many good things about the Sleek iDivine palettes so I was very excited to actually try one out. The palette in this set is the Storm palette & it's very pretty to look at. The colours are amazing. Now while they are amazing, I was a bit disappointed to find that out of the 12 shadows this palette contains, only three are mattes, the rest shimmers. I put this palette to this test Saturday night as it was my boyfriends birthday and we were heading out, and I was so surprised that I only had two mattes to work with. So this isn't really a palette you can pick up and have everything you need in it (unless you're into more neutral looks & would be able to get away using two browns & one black.)

I'm very into warm neutrals at the minute and love The Naked Heat by Urban Decay so I found myself reaching for that to pick up some orangey tones to add definition to my crease.

As for the pigmentation, well let's just say it's not lacking. The shadows are very pigmented, very creamy & don't have a lot of fall out (at least I don't think so) and despite the fact it lacked matte shadows, I did quite like it.

The packaging of the actual palette was lovely as well, think Sleek's Face Form packaging in eyeshadow form, nice and sturdy, not too flimsy.

If you'd like to see swatches of this palette, head over to my Instagram to check it out!

Full Fat Lash Mascara in Black

I've never tried any mascaras from Sleek, so naturally I was curious but I got more excited from the name than anything else. My lashes are short and don't really have a lot of curl, so anything that promises to give me full looking lashes has me on board.

I'm not sure if this tube is full size, I'd be surprised if it was as it is quite small, but it's still a decent enough size to try out. The packaging is pretty plain, just a black tube with Sleek & the name of the mascara written on it but it's still pretty.

The wand had me very intrigued, the wand itself is skinny towards the end with short bristles, but as you reach the top of the applicator, it starts to take up a dome sort of shape. It's very interesting, I thought anyway, and I wasn't sure how well it would actually work.

To my surprise though, it works wonders! It really is a great drugstore mascara, I don't know what the brush does but it seems to work magic on my lashes.

Twist up Eye Pencils in Midnight & Aubergine

These last two were probably my least favourite products. I'm just not a huge fan of eyeliner. I never line my tight line or water line, so for me these were kind of pointless.

But, you receive two in the set; midnight, which is a black eyeliner & aubergine, which is a reddish colour.

Midnight I would use every once and awhile, but as for Aubergine, I know I will never use it so I'm probably gonna pass that along. I just can't imagine myself ever using red eyeliner, but maybe that's just me.

As for the actual product, they are very soft and creamy. Aubergine actually snapped as I was searching it but maybe I was putting too much pressure. They are very pigmented as well, and they would make excellent eyeliners but like I said, I'm just not the biggest eyeliner fan. Again if you'd like to see swatches, be sure to head over to my Instagram.

Overall I quite liked this set. I would have preferred finding the set in Target before I got this as that one only has a palette and Mascara and would probably suit me better.

None of the products were bad, I just have my own personal taste. I would recommend buying this if you can track it down as the quality of the products is amazing!

If you would like to shop the rest of Sleek's range you can find it 

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