Krystal Kiss Cosmetics Review

About a month ago I was kindly sent some products from a brand called Krystal Kiss Cosmetics. I love discovering new brands, new products and I definitely love putting them to the test, so naturally I was pretty excited. For the past few weeks I've been wearing these products as much as possible so I could put together the best review I could for you guys. Before I get on to the actual review I'd like to stress that this post is in no way sponsored by Krystal Kiss Cosmetics.

I like to find out as much information about a company as I can, just so I can give a little background so if you would like to just read the review, you can skip to the bottom of this post.

Who are Krystal Kiss Cosmetics?

Krystal Kiss Cosmetics is a new upcoming cosmetics range specializing in homemade lip products. The company is founded by a gorgeous young woman named Kerie. Some of the lip products they make include; liquid lipsticks, lipsticks, lip glosses & more. All their products are certified, cruelty-free and handmade. As well as that Kerie ensures her brand stays ahead of the industry by using the latest technologies in organic makeup. Which means all products are suitable for vegans.

The brand also offers a unique service; personalized bespoke products. Tailor made to a shade and texture that suits you. All of Krystal Kiss Cosmetics products are made with love and care to achieve the best for every individual customer. 

You can check out the products here.

What are the products?

Now they kindly sent me two of their lovely products. A liquid lipstick from their Velvet Petals collection and a sneak peek of their new Plumper Me Up Lip gloss. I'm going to talk about the liquid lipstick first, in the shade Coffee Cake. Right off the bat, this isn't a shade I would usually go for. It's a gorgeous light brown with orange undertones but in general terms it isn't a colour I would normally wear.

Of course I have worn it loads to test out and I must admit it has grown on me but I don't think I'd buy the same shade again. The actual formula of the lipstick is amazing. Liquid lipsticks for me, and I think most people, can be a bit hit and miss depending on how they dry. But these Velvet Petals lipsticks are not drying on the lips in the slightest.

For me personally this lipstick does transfer, it isn't the worst but it definitely does smudge and transfer throughout the day. The wear time is quite long, I think the longest I wore this lipstick was ten hours and I only needed to reapply once. In terms of how it applies, it's great. It isn't overly streaky, it's very opaque and it dries down nicely.

The biggest problem I had with this lipstick was definitely the tube. The stopper comes out easily and I had a bit of an incident a few days ago which resulted in ruined bed sheets. The cap also seems to be broke, I don't know if that's my fault or if it came like that but I do believe that the tube I received isn't the actual tube for the liquid lipsticks so I'm not going to judge on that, just be aware.

These liquid lipsticks are priced at £8.00 and Coffee Cake can be bought here.

Original tube for Velvet Petals Liquid Lipstick. Photo via Krystal Kiss Cosmetics

Next up we have the Plumper Me Up lip gloss in the shade Drippin in Silk. Now this product hasn't launched yet, it is on the site in clear, but hasn't yet been released in the shade I received. I'm not a huge fan of lip plumpers usually. So when I was told one was being sent to me, I cringed. But to my surprise, I actually really enjoyed it.

The first thing I noticed was the smell; it's absolutely amazing. To me, it has a very strong citrus type smell with a hint of mint and it's gorgeous. It's not too overpowering, but you can definitely smell it as you're applying to the lips. The next thing I noticed was that there wasn't any tingles. That is probably what I hate most about lip plumpers, I just can't stand that tingly sensation. So I was very thankful that it didn't happen with this product.

The gloss is infused with essential oils, and is made in a way that smooths out lines and evens imperfections which give a natural fuller look. The colour itself is a lovely nude pink which adds a nice touch of colour to the lips making it perfect for everyday wear.

So the big question; does it plump your lips? I really think it does. It's definitely not a dramatic difference but I do think it makes your lips look fuller. I've inserted a picture below so you can decide for yourself. Honestly I loved this product a lot more than I thought I would and would definitely recommend.

*As I mentioned this shade has not yet launched. It will be released on the site 1st July 2018. 

Before & After of Plumper Me Up lip gloss in Drippin in Silk

Final Thoughts?

So after testing out these products for a few weeks, I give them my huge stamp of approval. I genuinely do like these products and would recommend them. Yes, there was a few minor issues and the colour of the liquid lipstick wouldn't be a shade I'd normally go for but all that aside, these products are good.

I'd even go as far as saying they are better than some lippies you'd buy in store. I personally just think they tick every box. They're cruelty free, vegan, inexpensive, wide variety of colours & the list goes on. 

I love the fact they are homemade, and I love even more that Kerie is such a lovely person. I think shes doing an amazing job and I believe it's important to give credit where due, so well done lovely you're doing a fab job.

If you'd like to support KrystalKiss Cosmetics you can check out there Instagram here.

*this post is not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links.

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