Top 5 Christmas Movies | Blogmas Day Two

Christmas, admittedly isn’t my favourite holiday, but if there’s one thing I do like about Christmas, it’s the movies.

In today’s post we’re gonna be counting down my top 5 Christmas movies and I hope you enjoy!

5. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Before anyone loses their mind and says this isn’t a Christmas movie, I know. But Harry Potter movies, specifically the second one is always played on TV at Christmas, so it’s on my list.

I can remember numerous times cuddled up on the couch with hot chocolate watching this movie and honestly, it just does remind me of Christmas because it’s the only time of year it’s really on television.

Harry Potter is my absolute favourite thing in the world so naturally, I could never do a top 5 list without sneaking it in somewhere.

4. Home Alone

I feel like everyone has seen Home Alone at least once in their life. Kevin really was an iconic child; staying cool and collected at being left alone? Check. Defending his home against (idiotic) robbers? Check.

He was just a cool ass kid.

Looking back now, it’s very unrealistic and I have like a million questions about the logics behind it, but it’s a classic Christmas movie.

3. The Santa Clause

Does this movie just remind anyone else of childhood? I absolutely loved this movie (and it’s sequels) growing up. The thought that anyone could be Santa was unbelievable and I found myself questioning if someone knew could be Santa. Anyone else do this, or was I just weird?

Not to mention Tim Allen played the role brilliantly and I will always think of him as Santa Clause.

If you haven’t seen this movie series, I would highly recommend!

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Ah, The Grinch really does have a special place in my heart. Kind of terrified me a little growing up, not gonna lie, but, that beating heart scene towards the end of the movie gets me every time.

It’s just one of those classic Christmas movies. And I love everything about it. Jim Carey is such an amazing actor and I think he can nail just about any role but more so with the Grinch.

Not to mention Christine Baranski is absolutely incredible.

1. Elf

Is there anything more iconic than Elf? I feel like this is the first Christmas movie that comes to mind when asked about Christmas movies. The breakfast scene is one of my personal favs as well as the snow ball fight, and ugh, it’s just a great movie.

Will Ferrell played Buddy so incredibly well and the whole story really was magical.

If anyone hasn’t seen this movie, it needs to be bumped to the top of your watch list immediately!

And that’s my top 5 Christmas movies. Obviously there’s a lot of great Christmas movies that I left out, but these are my personal favs. I would love to hear you’re favourites in the comments below & I’ll see you tomorrow for another Blogmas post. 


  1. I love this post! These films are so good. Can't wait to see the rest of your blogmas content :)

  2. I love these movies! Elf is a definite favourite of mine - Buddy is so funny! I also grew up with Home Alone, so they always bring back the memories for me. Every time I hear the name Kevin, I think of Home Alone :D And Harry Potter is another favourite of mine - you can't go wrong with watching a Harry Potter movie!

    1. Elf really is up theee with the best in my opinion! I’m the same with the name Kevin, always reminds me of the mother screaming it when she realises he’s not there :D