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Summer Makeup Essentials

Here in Ireland we didn't have the best weather to start the Summer, honestly at one point I wondered if we would even get any sun. But, finally the weather has been picking up over the last few weeks and although some days are still pretty hit or miss, it's generally been good.

With the warm weather comes the topic of makeup, because who wants to have layers of foundation in the blistering heat, right? Once the warm weather hits I take full advantage and leave my skin breathe by wearing less and less makeup.

This is great in so many ways, because it saves time getting ready, I'm saving money because I don't need to replace products as often and my skin is extremely thankful for it. So today, I thought I'd take you through the makeup I wear (mostly) everyday and why I'm loving the natural look. 

Before I do anything in terms of makeup, I sort out my skin care as it's extremely important to me to look after my skin so it looks it's best. Especially if I'm wearing little to no makeup. I recently did a review of Cetaphil skin care which has now become part of my routine and you can read that here.


Once my skin is looked after, I do my brows using the Freedom brow pomade in the shade 'chocolate.' I've been using this brow pomade for about three years now and I honestly love it. I don't have the best brows, they're very sparse from years of over plucking as a teen, so although I'd love to go without product I'm very self-conscious if I have nothing on my brows. This pomade is a winner though, because my brows always look pretty natural ( I think so anyway) and even in the heat they don't budge a bit. Not to mention it's extremely affordable at just over €6.00 but it's currently on sale for €3.13.

For my eyes, I skip eye shadow and just do mascara. The mascara I've been loving lately is Soap and Glory's Thick & Fast mascara. This is another product that has been a staple in my life for the past few years and even though I try and use other mascaras, I always end up coming back to this one. I'm not really sure what makes this so special for me but I just really enjoy it. It doesn't make my lashes clumpy and it actually does a good job at lengthening my short lashes. Again, this product is really affordable at £10.50.

Because my lashes are so short, mascara can only do so much for them so most days I do end up wearing falsies, and the ones I typically use are the Eylure lashes in the style No.115 or good old Primark lashes in the style 'sultry.'

For my skin, I use two products and that's it; blush and highlight. Recently I've been wanting to try out new products in my collection and force myself out of the habit of using the same products consistently. So lately for blush I've been using the Rimmel London royal blush in the shade '003 coral queen.' This blush is absolutely gorgeous and honestly I'm unsure as to why I've never used it before! I'm not the biggest lover of cream products but this blends amazingly and doesn't go streaky or patchy on my skin. The colour is also beautiful and I feel compliments my skin tone quite well.

My highlight is also a product that has been in my collection for a while but is new to me. For years I've been using the much loved Mary-Lou but I have been loving this highlight quite a lot too. I received the Karl Lagerfeld + Model Co baked blush in a Glossybox but never really paid much attention to it until recently. It truly is gorgeous, although much too light for me to be used as a blush but perfect as a highlighter. It's in the shade 'light beige' and is this beautiful shimmery, champagne type colour. I apply to my cheekbones, nose and inner corner of my eyes and I've been receiving so many compliments.  I believe this was a limited edition product so it's no longer on the Model +Co website but I have seen it advertised on places like E-bay

The last thing I focus on is my lips and I've really been feeling glossy lips lately, I'm not sure why, I think the warm weather might be turning me off anything matte but anyway. My usual go-to lip is MAC's shade 'velvet teddy.' But as I said, I'm just not feeling mattes lately so instead I've been going for Soap & Glory's Gloss Stick in the shade 'nudist.' This may be on of my favourite glosses ever, and I'm not usually a gloss person. The colour pay off is fabulous and it doesn't feel sticky on your lips either which is a huge plus for me. Before I apply anything to my lips I want them to be moisturized so I've been using SportsFX moisturizing lip balm in the scent/colour 'candy floss.' This smells insane and its extremely moisturizing. It also has SPF 15 and is pretty cheap at only £4.99.

And that's it for my Summer makeup! Obviously everyday is different, some days I wear more others I wear less, but more often than not this is what is on my face. I've definitely been loving the more natural look as it's easy and lightweight and as I said my skin is loving it.

What are you summer makeup essentials? Leave me know in the comments below!



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