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Life Update: Where I've Been, What I've Been Doing, Future of This Blog

Taking a break from blogging is never easy as you feel completely unmotivated when it's time to start again, but after a few months break I'm finally back to it and creating new content. When I was last around I had promises of blog posts on my trips away, favourite products, etc. And obviously they never came, so in this post I'll be doing a life update on where I've been, what I've been doing and the future of this blog.

So last year I suffered badly with my mental health. I was quite down in myself and the way I looked and I withdrew from doing things that I enjoyed, such as blogging. This year I really want to look after my mental health and my overall health, and hopefully get back to things I enjoy.

Then, I started college at the end of September which took up, and still does take up, a lot of my time. I'm studying Psychology and Social Studies and to get into a better course, in a better college, I really needed to be focusing a lot on my assignments. Now though, I want to try and find a balance, even if that means just doing one blog post a week. I miss blogging and really want to get back into things properly.

Despite my struggles with mental health issues, 2020 has gotten off to a great start for me. I've an amazing family, and friends, and I've also met some beautiful new people through college who I'll cherish. Of course not forgetting my boyfriend, who is my absolute rock.

As for the future of this blog, I really want to get back to doing what I was doing. Beauty and lifestyle type posts, but I also want to make things a bit more personal. I want to start discussing mental health and my views on trending topics in the world. I'm normally scared of fully expressing my opinion in case it offends people, but I've come to realise that this is my blog and my opinion is valid.

And that is my quick little life update just to get me back in the swing of things. You can expect regular posts very soon and I will speak to you all then!


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