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Hello! Welcome to my blog. I'm Chloe, the girl behind the blog and a 21-year-old Irish gal. I'll be studying Psychology and Social Studies come September and decided this blog is the perfect creative outlet during the Summer months. Chloe Toni won't be put into a box of just one topic, although it will be mainly lifestyle and beauty based, I want to try everything and take full advantage of my little slice of the internet.

I've had blogs in the past and had them fail as I took myself too seriously- with this I really just want to have fun. So I guess you could say I'm a not so new newbie, as I'm still wrapping my head around the in's and outs of blogging. 

My favourite things in life are food, sleep, my two cats, highlighter, true crime documentaries, Harry Potter, baggy jumpers and Shane Dawson. When I'm not eating and sleeping you can probably find me annoying my boyfriend, watching hours worth of True Crime or obsessing over Supernatural.

I would love for you to stick around for a bit and listen to my ramblings, lot's of love

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